Watertown Arts Council

House Beautiful Award Winner Picture coming soon

Todd & Deb Fischer
809 Clyman St.
2015 House Beautiful Award Winner
Artwork by Sandra Pirkel

The House Beautiful Award is presented at the annual membership meeting in March.

The House Beautiful Award is given to an area resident who has restored a home to its original appearance or made some significant beautifying changes to an older structure.

Recipients are awarded with a framed pen and ink drawing of the residence by artist Sandra Pirkel.

Past Recipients:

Todd & Deb Fischer
809 Clyman Street

Shawn M. Birzer and Lowell Hoisington
1010 South Eighth Street

Sandra and Michael Caravella
809 North Fourth Street

Mary & Alan Schott
1108 Center Street

Judy & Burnell Wegner
1040 North Fourth Street

Amy & Brian Maurice
1009 Clark Street

Tammie & John Jaeger
819 Richards Ave

Heidi and Roger Rothschadl
815 Cole St

Rob & Sue Harms

Heidi Roth
810 Jones St

Robert & Gretchen Martens
751 N. Water St

Rev. Jim and Sue Mattek
600 S. 3rd Street

Mark Kuehl
303 S. 8th Street

Greg and Kim Schroeder
214 N. Maple Street

Bob and Anne Marie Westenberg
111 N. Tenth Street

The Garden Awardis presented in June, July, August and September to homeowners who have enhanced their property with attractive flower plantings visible from the street.

June 2017

Zwieg's Grill
Mary & Glenn Zwieg
904 E. Main St.

July 2017

Riverside Middle School
Peter Watts

August 2017

Jan & Al Krause
506 Oak Park Ave.

Garden Award Past Recipients:

August 2017:Jan & Al Krause, 506 Oak Park Ave.
July 2017:Riverside Middle School, Peter Watts
June 2017:Zwieg's Grill, Mary & Glenn Zwieg, 904 E. Main St.

August 2010:Mafaldo and Maria Acosta, 313 S. Church Street
July 2010:Tim and Nancy Flood, 1404 Richards Avenue
June 2010:Town and Country Bank, 104 W. Main Street

September 2009: Rachel and Brad Kaul, 605 N. Church Street
August 2009: Mike and Debbie Olesen, 1201 Richards Avenue
July 2009: Roger and Mary Behlke, 853 West Street
June 2009: Terry and Lisa Perschke 304 S. Eighth Street

May 2009: Rollie and Beth Schneider, 503 Hall Street
August 2008: Ron & Joyce Zwieg, 1145 Bayberry Drive
July 2008: John & Deb Richter, 913 Shamrock Lane
June 2008: Darlene Schamerhorn, 506 Grey Fox Run

August 2007:Colleen Blowers, 401 Terry Lane
July 2007:David & Sue Wertschnig, 552 Milford Street
June 2007:Brian & Debbie Hoida, 700 S. Fifth Street

August 2006: Cathy Schramm, 210 South Church St.
July 2006: Anne Wanke, 1409 Randolph St.
June 2006: Settler's Bay, 1601 East Gate Drive

August 2005: Karen Borth, 30 Stimpson St.
July 2005: St. Bernard s Grounds Beautification Project,
              114 S. Church St.
June 2005: Joyce Saniter, 309 N. Third St.

August 2004: Bob and Kathy Zubke, 1340 Windsor
July 2004: Mike Klinger, 1006 N. Water
June 2004: Phyllis Schmoller, 712 Western

August 2003: Kate Jeanson
July 2003: Robert and Helen Smith
June 2003: Fay Dolan
May 2003: Mary Jeanson

July 2002: Good Shepard Lutheran Church
June 2002: Ron and Patty Kihslinger

September 2001: Amy and Ken Ceithamer, 817 Cole Street
August 2001: James J. Chocolate Shop,712 W. Main Street
July 2001: Marion Gillis, 1030 Richards Avenue
June 2001: Hanna Zechzer, 705-707 Labelle Street