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The Watertown Art's Council originated in September of 1964. The purpose is to foster and encourage, coordinate, establish, and publish the performance and exhibition of the creative arts in Watertown, and to encourage, develop, strengthen and enrich the cultural life of the area; to further develop a general interest in the natural beauty of the city and to promote an interest in cultural landmarks and work for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and natural beauty.

Watertown Arts Council 2013 Board Members
Back row, Dave Pawl, president; middle row, Cathy Steinbrink, treasurer, Bruce Bentz, member at large, Christine Marchand, liaison, Jefferson County Arts Group, David Hertel, secretary, Joyce Sauer, vice president; front row, Don Christensen, publicity chairman, Julie Crnkovich, member at large, Mary Potratz, member at large, Ramona Hackbarth, curator, Chris Maas, membership chairwoman and purchase awards, and Marie Miller, garden awards.


Membership is open to anyone in the area who is interested insupporting art and the beautification of the Watertown area. The Annual meeting is held each year in late winter.

Membership fees are as follows: Individual $10, Family $20, Patron $50, Life Member $250 and Student $5.

For more information on becoming a member Download the new member form, or email the council at
Membership Information
Watertown Arts Council
P.O. Box 545
Watertown, WI 53094


Carol Bohlman
Mrs. James Clifford
Mrs. Ray Dobbratz
Mr.& Mrs. Jerry Hepp
Rev. Fred Himmerich
Mr.& Mrs. Del Hintzmann
Mr.& Mrs. Henry Geib
Mr. Leigh Larsen
Mr.& Mrs. Kasper Peter
Dr.& Mrs. A.R. Marquis
Mr.& Mrs. Robert Minning
Mr.& Mrs. WM. Kwapil
Mr.& Mrs. Gerald Morris
Mr.& Mrs. Dave Pederson
Dr.& Mrs. L.J. Sirinek
Mrs. Andrea Turke
Mr.& Mrs. Horst Weider

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Watertown Arts Council
P.O. Box 545
Watertown, WI 53094
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Dave Pawl, President, Festival Chaiperson

Board of Directors

The Watertown Arts Council is controlled by a board of directors selected on a rotating basis each year at the annual meeting. Meetings are held periodically throughout the year.

The Board of Directors 2016
Dave Pawl, President
Joyce Sauer, Vice-President
Cathy Steinbrink, Treasurer
David Hertel, Secretary, House Beautiful Award Chairperson
Ramona Hackbarth,Curator
Marie Miller, Garden Award Chairperson
Judge William Hue, Archivist
Chris Marchand, Public Relations
Chris Maas, Membership Chairperson
Jim Quirk, Honorary Supporting Board Member

Josh Heier, Mary Potratz, Amy Magnuson, Varla Bishop, Mark Klass; Members At Large